Available now RetroBikeRunner, 3D motorbike racing retro-game. 20 big levels, training mode to try every single level without waiting to unlock, Internet scoreboard for 100 top scores, a lot of enemies, 3D obstacles, ever changing 3d paths! Bonuses to catch or jump! Never-ending amusement!

Available now SudokuWare, Sudoku classic game plus arcade (ar*oid like variant) plus original puzzle variant (compose pieces of a Sudoku puzzle). Really cools, 3 games in one!

Available now Mr Otto Beat, whose character is 8 bit version of an Indy-like adventurer. It is platform game, with a mix of funny and gothic-style graphics, vertical scrolling and physic interaction among characters (powered by Box2D). A lot of levels, bosses,enemies and natural obstacles.Internet score system is available. Additional levels and bosses shall be added and available as free downloads from the web.

Available now Kill That Bandit! It is free reflex trainer game. It is ads sponsored, so please click on ads to support. Internet score system is available

Available now App-In-Ball The Pinball Simulator. It can be purchased of 0.76€-1$ on Google Play Market.

Now all three apps from Texasoft Reloaded have been published on Android Market.

The game "The Black Hole" has been also published on AGK Gallery. The features, multi-platform capabilities, easy of use and roadmap of AGK (more than 70 additional commands) are really impressive, price is very competitive, forum and documentation are also satisfactory, considering the young age of the tool. My piece advice is: if you like game coding, buy it right now.

Welcome to this gallery of games for Windows and Android, developed with the AGK (AppGameKit) Tool from The Game Creators.

For all of you buying the Android version of any app, I'll send for free the Windows PC or Netbook version (fully enjoyable). Write to my e-mail address below, attaching the receipt of the purchase on Android.